How to add augmented reality to a museum exhibit

Josh Chan - Sept 12, 2022

How long will this take?
5 minutes (tops!) 

How much will this cost?

1.) Download Halo AR
2.) Go to your Profile page, then tap Create Collection to create a collection (give it a descriptive name & title). Make sure it’s public so others can find & follow it.
3.) Tap the Create button and follow the 3 easy steps to create your first halo. You can use any flat detailed surface as a trigger (e.g. a wall placard, floor standing sign, exhibit poster), and overlay anything you want on top of them (images, videos, 3D models, audio narration, and more).
4.) Geotag each halo with its precise GPS location and mark it as Stationary to enable easy search and serendipitous discovery.
5.) Once you’ve made your halos, go to the collection on your Profile page, then share it in one of several easy ways:

  • Share its QR code
  • Share its link
  • Share its collection code

Important Note: For anyone else to see your halos, they will need to follow your collection first.

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