Add Augmented Reality to Anything in Seconds!

Halo AR is a free mobile app that empowers anyone to create with augmented reality by connecting digital content with the physical world. Join our diverse community of tens of thousands of artists, educators, and industry professionals across 194 countries using Halo AR to augment books, artwork, and everything else in the world around them.


How will you use Halo AR?

  • For Publishers

    Bring your printed book or magazine to life with video, 3D holograms, and more. Help your advertisers track their views and sales more accurately than ever before. Edit and update dynamic content in your publication, long after printing has passed.

  • For Education

    Join our vibrant community of teachers, students, and homeschool parents using Halo AR to make the most engaging learning experiences out there. From 3D holograms springing out of textbooks, to student video playing over their work, to GPS-enabled scavenger hunts, the possibilities are truly endless.

  • For Museums

    Whether your focus is in history, sciences, or the arts, it’s time to transform your cultural institution with AR and become a pioneer in your field. Bring new life to your exhibits with explanatory narration, video, and even 3D holograms. Geolocation features enable you to deliver the right content and experiences right when and where your guests will most appreciate them. On top of all that, Halo AR unlocks socially-distanced and touchless interactions with your exhibits.


    Your clients are asking you to incorporate AR into their packaging and marketing campaigns, and you want a no/low-code tech partner to support a fast turnaround and ongoing support and revisions. Dazzle them and their customers with Halo AR's proprietary "better-than-WebAR" technology. As fast as WebAR (no app download), but with smoother detection/tracking and no distracting top & bottom browser bar/buttons/URL.

Add Augmented Reality to your magazine

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From idea to execution in seconds

Halo AR is hands-down the fastest AR creation tool on the market. If you’ve never created with augmented reality before, Halo AR is for you. Other AR creation studios require desktop downloads and a time investment of hours or even days, but it’s not hyperbole to say that our creation flow has been designed from the ground up to get you going in seconds.

Get your audience to your AR content ASAP

The greatest AR content in the world will languish if your audience can’t quickly access it, which is why we’ve built a sharing and discovery system that gets your audience to your AR content in the fewest taps and minutes possible. A quick scan of your personalized QR code brings up the appropriate app (iOS or Android), and our deep link functionality then brings them directly to the AR content you want them to discover.

Join our global community of creators

You may be the first brave pioneer evangelizing the power of AR to your colleagues or friends, but you are far from alone. There are tens of thousands of artists, teachers, marketers, industry professionals, and more from the USA to Ukraine to Uganda already using Halo AR, with hundreds more joining daily. Search in the app to be inspired by their creations, and join the lively conversation for ideas and support on our Twitter and Discord pages.


Here are some of the features that set us apart.


We see no-code, and raise it no-mouse-or-keyboard. Introducing the world’s best—and only—mobile AR creator studio. Create from your smartphone or tablet in just a few taps.

Cloud + Offline support

Store your AR content in the cloud to be accessible anywhere, while also being resilient in the real world, even in internet dead spots.

Rich media library

Built-in access to the vast YouTube library, Tenor GIF library, and Sketchfab 3D model library, with even more to come.


Developed from the ground up with cross-platform support, meaning compatibility with billions of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android smartphones and tablets around the world.

Best-in-class performance

Running AR animations on top of smooth image & environment tracking is hard stuff, which is why we’ve spent hundreds of hours optimizing our code to make it all seem, well, easy.

Streamlined sharing

Share via deep link, QR code, or short collection code. Intelligent dynamic linking enables your audience to access your shared AR content with a single tap or scan in minutes, if not seconds.

B.Y.O. Media

Upload or link to just about any image, video, audio, or 3D file format: jpg, png, mp4, mp3, glb, glTF (and we’re probably forgetting a few)…

Marker-based & Markerless AR

There are great uses for both marker-based and markerless AR, which is why we not only support both options, but enable a seamless transition from image marker tracking to SLAM world tracking.


Next-gen geocaching, augmented scavenger hunts, and AR NFT’s precisely placed in the real world. Notify your local community when you’ve created something awesome, be it your students, next-door neighbors, or countrymen. Our geolocation features unlock new possibilities for the real-world metaverse.



  • Unlimited trigger markers
  • Unlimited overlays
  • Unlimited collections
  • Unlimited views
  • Unlimited users
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  • Everything in Free plan
  • White-labeling
  • Private virtual brainstorming session with our technical and design team to develop optimal AR strategy
  • Ongoing prioritized technical and design assistance
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  • WebAR option (no download required)
  • Custom collection code and QR code
  • Analytics
  • Integration into next-generation AR glasses/wearables
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  • Unlimited Users
  • 150GB Storage
  • Unlimited Public Projects
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  • Dedicated Phone Support
  • Unlimited Free Subdomains
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Finally! A simple but powerful app that DOES IT. Since the days of (late) Aurasma, I've been waiting for such an app. Kudos to the developers! 

halo ar augmented reality
Yossi Klein

We love this app!!! We able to incorporate the Halo app into our digital marketing campaigns and gained a huge ROI by innovating how the app is used. We see a huge spike in the apps usage in the near future the more people think outside of the box on how to leverage AR with streaming services! 5 Stars!!!

Halo AR for education
Dino Spumoni Beatz

I've been missing Aurasma and I think this app is fantastic! My students will love it!

halo ar for publishers
Ana Živković


halo ar reviewed by washington state university
halo ar reviewed by washington state university

As seen in:

one of the best augmented reality application according to the New York Times

Chew’s latest paintings make up “The Roof is on Fire,” his debut solo exhibition at Altman Siegel gallery in San Francisco, and take on the mimetic dances hip-hop has spawned. And to all this Chew has added another layer still. If you download the app Halo AR and then hold your phone in front of any of the paintings, holograms of his friends and family members, some of them professional dancers, will pop up and perform each dance

halo ar reviewed by washington state university

Egbert received the award in recognition of her work integrating the Halo AR App into the Educational Escape Room…Finding ways to effectively employ new and innovative technology to improve learning outcomes is key to both the future of higher education and the future of WSU. Joy’s work with Halo AR clearly demonstrates that forward-looking focus.

Halo AR by LightUp

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