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We offer an unparalleled augmented reality creation studio that's just a download away, but we know that some of you are ready for even more cutting-edge features and customized services. If so, you've come to the perfect place to learn more.

Thanks to our optimized platform design and scalable AR engine, we can confidently say that you'll be hard-pressed to find a more powerful or budget-friendly AR partner out there!



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Add Augmented Reality to your magazine

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Custom Branding

If you really want the AR experience for your customers, students, or clients to be customized with your own name or brand, we can make it happen. There are different levels of personalization, so we’ll mutually figure out the right option for you.

Instant AR

It’s already easy to share your Halo AR creations with your audience, but sometimes you need to make your AR content appear so quickly it literally jumps off the page. (For instance, if someone is walking by your augmented billboard or flipping through your magazine and doesn’t have time to wait for an app to download!)

This is why we developed Instant AR. With an Instant AR-enabled collection, someone can go from scanning your QR code to viewing your AR content in seconds, no app download necessary!


The virtual world has analytics built in everywhere, but the physical world doesn’t. Until now.

With Halo AR, answer previously intractable questions such as how long did readers interact with the ad on page 37 of my magazine, or how many students completed their take-home virtual lab assignment.

Custom AR App

If you’ve already ventured into the wide world of custom development options, you’ll know by now that pricing is either incredibly opaque or astronomically high (into the $10s or $100s of thousands). If your technically intricate project demands such labor then we will be upfront and tell you, but we will first determine if our scalable AR Engine can power your idea behind the scenes, and if so pass on the considerable cost savings to you.


Here are some of the features that set us apart.


We see no-code, and raise it no-mouse-or-keyboard. Introducing the world’s best—and only—mobile AR creator studio. Create from your smartphone or tablet in just a few taps.

Cloud + Offline support

Store your AR content in the cloud to be accessible anywhere, while also being resilient in the real world, even in internet dead spots.

Rich media library

Built-in access to the vast YouTube library, Tenor GIF library, and Sketchfab 3D model library, with even more to come.


Developed from the ground up with cross-platform support, meaning compatibility with billions of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android smartphones and tablets around the world.

Best-in-class performance

Running AR animations on top of smooth image & environment tracking is hard stuff, which is why we’ve spent hundreds of hours optimizing our code to make it all seem, well, easy.

Streamlined sharing

Share via deep link, QR code, or short collection code. Intelligent dynamic linking enables your audience to access your shared AR content with a single tap or scan in minutes, if not seconds.

B.Y.O. Media

Upload or link to just about any image, video, audio, or 3D file format: jpg, png, mp4, mp3, glb, glTF (and we’re probably forgetting a few)…

Marker-based & Markerless AR

There are great uses for both marker-based and markerless AR, which is why we not only support both options, but enable a seamless transition from image marker tracking to SLAM world tracking.


Next-gen geocaching, augmented scavenger hunts, and AR NFT’s precisely placed in the real world. Notify your local community when you’ve created something awesome, be it your students, next-door neighbors, or countrymen. Our geolocation features unlock new possibilities for the real-world metaverse.



  • Unlimited trigger markers
  • Unlimited overlays
  • Unlimited collections
  • Unlimited views
  • Unlimited users
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  • WebAR option (no download required)
  • Custom collection code and QR code
  • Analytics
  • Integration into next-generation AR glasses/wearables
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