Use Cases

halo ar for magazine

How to add augmented reality to a book or magazine

Bring your printed book or magazine to life with video, 3D holograms, and more. Help your advertisers track their views and sales more accurately than ever before. Edit and update dynamic ...

halo ar for museum exhibit

How to add augmented reality to a museum exhibit

Whether your focus is in history, sciences, or the arts, it’s time to transform your cultural institution with AR and become a pioneer in your field. Bring new life to your exhibits with explanatory narration ...

halo ar for product marketing

How to add augmented reality to your product packaging

Your clients are asking you to incorporate AR into their packaging and marketing campaigns, and you want a no/low-code tech partner to support a fast turnaround and ongoing support and revisions.

halo ar for product marketing

Showcasing Halo AR Power

Watch out for first hand experience of teachers around the world and what they want to say about Halo AR

halo ar for product cube influence

Halo AR: Multiple Side triggers

Video proofs around the world shocasing how diverse the audience for Halo AR. Check out this video and be a part of global trend

halo ar for music influence

Halo AR: New Education Platform

Upgrade your audio experience by adding augmented reality! Make your idol's portrait interactive

halo ar for music influence

Augmented Reality in Magazines

Explore your magazine in a futuristic fashion by scanning pictures that may trigger the halo AR. Watch out for our video.

halo ar for music influence

Discover our solar system with Halo AR

A new way to discover our solar system. Watch our video showcasing how Halo AR spice up the education

halo ar for entertainment influence

Using Halo AR for entertainment: YMCA Dance

Be entertained once you see nostalgic dance moves turn alive with Halo AR. Watch for YMCA dance moves using our app

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